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GRE Word List


helpful; useful; advantageous

The meaning of the word beneficial is helpful; useful; advantageous.

Random words

animosityactive enmity
arboretumplace where different trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited
pestilentialcausing plague; tending to cause death; baneful; N. pestilence: fatal epidemic disease (esp. bubonic plague)
passeold-fashioned; past the prime
wheedledeceive, persuade, or obtain by flattery; cajole; coax; Ex. wheedle a promise out of her
facileeasily accomplished; ready or fluent; superficial; not deep; Ex. facile solution to a complex problem; Ex. facile speaker; N. facility: ability to do something easily and well; ease in doing resulting from skill or aptitude; something that facilitates an action; amenity; Ex. with great facility
ensuefollow (as a result)
viperpoisonous snake
almsmoney or goods given to the poor
uncouthboorish; clumsy in speech or behavior; outlandish