GRE Word List


nervous giggle; nervous laugh; V.

The meaning of the word titter is nervous giggle; nervous laugh; V..

Random words

detainkeep waiting; prevent from leaving or going; N. detention
pitfallhidden danger; concealed trap
backsliderevert (to bad habits); N. reverter
obloquyslander; disgrace; infamy
titularof a title; in name only; nominal; having the title of an office without the obligations; Ex. titular head of the company
chanttune(melody) in which a number of words are sung on the same note; V: sing (a chant); utter (a slogan) in the manner of a chant
righteousmorally upright; just
derisionridicule; ADJ. derisive; CF. derisory
prancemove about in a spirited manner (proudly and confidently)