GRE Word List


large volume; book

The meaning of the word tome is large volume; book.

Random words

accostapproach and speak first to a person
irreconcilableimpossible to reconcile; incompatible; not able to be resolved
vulturecarrion-eating birds
cannyshrewd in money matters; thrifty
frigidintensely cold; cold in manner; Ex. frigid zone
stringent(of rules) binding; rigid; marked by scarcity of money; Ex. stringent economic conditions
amorousmoved by sexual love; loving; of sexual love; Ex. amorous advances
welterwallow (as in mud or high seas); lie soaked (as in blood); Ex. The victims weltered in their blood.
affrontinsult; offense; intentional act of disrespect; V: insult or hurt the feelings of intentionally