GRE Word List


of, relating to, or favoring blind submission to authority

The meaning of the word authoritarian is of, relating to, or favoring blind submission to authority.

Random words

plummetto fall perpendicularly
chisela metal tool with a sharpened edge at one end used to chip, carve, or cut into a solid material (such as wood, stone, or metal)
pareto trim off an outside, excess, or irregular part of
minatoryhaving a menacing quality
repugnancethe quality or fact of being contradictory or inconsistent
rolling(of land) rising and falling in long gentle slopes; happening continuously by stages; Ex. rolling devolution of power to local governments
betrayto lead astray
repellentserving or tending to drive away or ward off
resoundto become filled with sound : reverberate
corpusthe body of a human or animal especially when dead