GRE Word List


antiquated; no longer used; belonging to the past; N.

The meaning of the word archaic is antiquated; no longer used; belonging to the past; N..

Random words

tightwadmiser; excessively frugal person
anarchistperson who seeks to overturn the established government; advocate of abolishing authority
cardinalchief; most important; N: priest; cardinal number: number that shows quantity rather thatn order
festerrankle; produce irritation or resentment; (of a cut or wound) generate pus or rot; Ex. His insult festered in my mind for days.
duplicitydouble-dealing; hypocrisy; being dishonest and deceitful; ADJ. duplicitous
bilkswindle; cheat
fervidardent; zealous; hot
chivalrouscourteous; faithful; brave; N. chivalry
volitionact of using one's will; act of making a conscious choice; Ex. She selected this dress of her own volition.
circumventoutwit; defeat by behaving more cleverly; outsmart; baffle; avoid; get around