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GRE Word List


cut away; trim

The meaning of the word prune is cut away; trim.

Random words

recumbentreclining; lying down completely or in part
thriftycareful about money; economical; N. thrift
exploitmake use of, sometimes unjustly; N. exploitation
pariahsocial outcast; Ex. Mariah the pariah
tenaciousholding fast (as to a belief); persistent
pietydevoutness; reverence for God; ADJ. pious
smeltmelt (ore) for separating and removing the metal; melt or blend ores changing their chemical composition
depravityextreme corruption; wickedness; V. deprave
junkettrip especially one taken for pleasure by an official at public expense
egressexit; opening for going out; act of going out; OP. ingress