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GRE Word List


curved; hooked; of or like an eagle; Ex. aquiline nose

The meaning of the word aquiline is curved; hooked; of or like an eagle; Ex. aquiline nose.

Random words

relishenjoy; savor; N: enjoyment; zest
extemporaneousnot planned; impromptu; extempore
ubiquitousbeing everywhere; omnipresent; N. ubiquity
ellipsisomission of words from a text; mark used to indicate an omission (when the meaning can be understood without them); PL. ellipses
irreparablenot able to be corrected or repaired; impossible to repair
myopicnearsighted; lacking foresight; N. myopia
ragamuffindirty child in torn clothes; person wearing tattered clothes
dogmaticopinionated; holding stubbornly to one's opinion; arbitrary; doctrinal
headstrongwillful; stubborn; unyielding; determined to have one's own way; CF. no 'excessive'
tertiarythird in order or rank