GRE Word List


person who keeps bees

The meaning of the word apiarist is person who keeps bees.

Random words

triviatrifles; unimportant matters
tessellatedmosaic; inlaid; Ex. tessellated pattern
rouelecherous man
despoilplunder; sack; Ex. despoil the village
ecstasyrapture; very strong feeling of joy and happiness; any overpowering emotion; ADJ. ecstatic: causing or experiencing ecstasy
germearliest form of an organism; seed or bud; something that may develop into something larger or more important; microbe
aerienest of a large bird of prey
quaffdrink with zest; drink with relish(zest; hearty enjoyment); ČÜČ©ČÜČ© ž¶œĂŽÙ; CF. sip
ravenousextremely hungry; voracious
frigidintensely cold; cold in manner; Ex. frigid zone