GRE Word List


secondary or minor occupation

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The meaning of the word avocation is secondary or minor occupation.

Random words

harrowingagonizing; distressing; traumatic; V. harrow: break up and level (soil) with a harrow; inflict great distress on; agonize; N: farming machine to break up the earth
viandfood; CF. live
notableconspicuous; worthy of note; remarkable; important; distinguished; noted
imbecilityweakness of mind; state of being an imbecile; N. imbecile: stupid person; fool
refutedisprove; prove to be false; N. refutation
disaffecteddisloyal; lacking loyality; V. disaffect: cause to lose affection or loyalty
apparitionghost; phantom
anemiacondition in which blood lacks red corpuscles; ADJ. anemic
undermineweaken gradually; sap; dig a mine beneath