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GRE Word List


(unpleasantly) swollen or puffed as with water or air

The meaning of the word bloated is (unpleasantly) swollen or puffed as with water or air.

Random words

cadaverouslike a corpse; pale
obloquyslander; disgrace; infamy
realmkingdom; field or sphere; Ex. not within the realms of possibility
volublefluent; talkative; glib; N. volubility
bovinecowlike; placid and dull; slow-thinking; calm
saturatesoak thoroughly; imbue; impregnate; charge; fill to capacity
renounceabandon; give up (by formal announcement); disown; repudiate; Ex. renounce one's claim to the property/one's religion; N. renunciation
feasiblepractical; able to be carried out; practicable