GRE Word List


poor verse

The meaning of the word doggerel is poor verse.

Random words

annuityyearly allowance
lividlead-colored; black and blue (as from a bruise); ashen; enraged; extremely angry
maneuverstrategic military or naval movement (done for training purposes); carefully planned process; stratagem; V: carry out a military maneuver; use maneuvers in gaining an end
jurisdictionright and power to apply the law; authority
horoscopediagram of the positions of stars at a given moment (eg. of a person's birth) used by astrologers
gistessence; main point; substance
resigngive up (a position, right, or claim); submit (oneself) passively
nostrumquestionable medicine; quack medicine; CF. our (remedy)
retrenchcut down; cut down expenses; economize