GRE Word List


right and power to apply the law; authority

The meaning of the word jurisdiction is right and power to apply the law; authority.

Random words

nutritiousproviding nourishment
asunderinto parts; apart; V. sunder
lubricateapply a lubricant to; N. lubricant: substance that reduces friction
wigglewriggle; move from side to side with irregular twisting motions
menialsuitable for servants; lowly; mean; N: someone who does menial work (esp. servant in a house)
vernalpertaining to spring
urchinmischievous child (usually a boy); CF. urchin: hedgehog; CF. porcupine: pig with spikes ?; CF. sea urchin
chapelsmall church (in a prison, college, or hospital)
stunmake unconscious or numb as by a blow; amaze; astound
eloperun away secretly with the intention of getting married