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GRE Word List


recognize; admit

The meaning of the word acknowledge is recognize; admit.

Random words

metemeasure; distribute; administer; Ex. mete out justice/punishment
jadedtired or uninterested by surfeit; fatigued; surfeited; worn out; wearied; Ex. jaded appetite
tenacityfirmness; persistence
rabiesdisease passed on by the bite of an infected animal (causing madness and death)
loiterhang about/around; stand idly about; linger
miniaturesmall model; small painting; ADJ: small
interbury; N. interment
paeansong of praise or joy; Ex. paeans celebrating the victory
adaptmake or become suitable for a specific use; alter; modify; adjust; N. adaptation: act of adapting; composition recast into a new form; Ex. The play is an adaption of a short novel.