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GRE Word List


invigorate; give energy to; make forceful and active

The meaning of the word energize is invigorate; give energy to; make forceful and active.

Random words

enmityill will; hatred; hostility
schematicof a schema or scheme; relating to an outline or diagram; using a system of symbols; N. schema: diagrammatic representation; outline
encomiasticpraising; eulogistic; N. encomium: very high praise; eulogy
taintcontaminate; cause to lose purity; modify with a trace of something bad; Ex. tainted reputation; N: stain; touch of decay or bad influence; CF. touch
expeditehasten; make go faster
mysticof hidden meaning and spiritual power; Ex. mystic ceremonies; N. CF. mysticism
environenclose; surround; N. environs: surrounding area (as of a city)
mutilatemaim; injure lastingly; deprive of a limb or an essential part
skepticsceptic; doubter; person who suspends judgment until he has examined the evidence supporting a point of view; ADJ. skeptical; N. skepticism; scepticism
patheticcausing sadness, compassion, pity; touching

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