GRE Word List


nonmoral; having no understanding of right and wrong

The meaning of the word amoral is nonmoral; having no understanding of right and wrong.

Random words

reverberateecho repeatedly; resound; Ex. The thunder reverberated across the valley.
gawkstare foolishly; look in open-mouthed awe
sanguineoptimistic; cheerful; hopeful; of the color of blood; red
vulnerablesusceptible to wounds or attack; N. vulnerability
proselytize(induce someone to) convert to a religion or belief; N. proselyte: new convert to a doctrine or religion
adroitskillful (in using mind or hand)
remissiontemporary moderation (of disease symptoms); remitting of a debt or punishment; cancelation of a debt; pardon; Ex. The disease went into remission; Ex. Christians pray for the remission of sins.
skulduggerydishonest behavior or action; Ex. skulduggery in the election
nauticalpertaining to ships or navigation
yeomanman or farmer owning small estate; middle-class farmer