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GRE Word List


walk or behave with an over-confident manner

The meaning of the word swagger is walk or behave with an over-confident manner.

Random words

contritepenitent; repentant; N. contrition
bugaboobugbear; object of baseless terror
reconcilemake friendly again (after quarrel); make consistent (two ideas in opposition); correct inconsistencies; Ex. reconcile one's political principles with one's religious beliefs
imperiallike an emperor; related to an empire; CF. imperialism
monotheismbelief in one God
precariousunsafe; lacking in stability; uncertain; risky; Ex. precarious living
canterslow gallop; V. CF. trot
unsightlyugly; unpleasant to look at
feeblemindeddeficient in intelligence; very stupid
bludgeonclub; heavy-headed weapon; V.