GRE Word List


testify; bear witness

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The meaning of the word attest is testify; bear witness.

Random words

militatework against; Ex. militate against the chances of promotion; CF. serve as a soldier
pusillanimouscowardly; lacking courage; fainthearted
fetehonor at a festival; celebrate or honor with a feast; N. (outdoor) festival or feast; CF. feast
brevityconciseness; shortness of duration
fracasbrawl(noisy quarrel or fight) in which a number of people take part; melee
insouciantwithout concern or care; unconcerned; indifferent
unfalteringsteadfast; firm; not changing
veritablebeing truly so; real or genuine; actual; not false or imaginary
introspectivelooking within oneself; N. introspection: self-examination