GRE Word List


expand; dilate on/upon: speak or write at length on (a subject)

The meaning of the word dilate is expand; dilate on/upon: speak or write at length on (a subject).

Random words

deliberateconsider; ponder; ADJ: done on purpose; slow
depletereduce; exhaust
suppleflexible; limber; pliant
franticwild; distraught as from fear or worry; Ex. frantic with fear
pomposityself-important behavior; acting like a stuffed shirt(pompous person); ADJ. pompous: self-important
entailmake necessary; require; necessitate; involve; limit the inheritance of (property) to a specified succession of heirs; Ex. entail A on/upon B
bravadoswagger; assumed air of defiance; false show of bravery
boostlift by pushing up from below; increase; raise; N: push upward; increase
sourhaving a sharp or acid taste; acid; tart; bad-tempered; V.
proverbadage; someone or something well known for notoriety; ADJ. proverbial: of a proverb; widely known; ADV. proverbially