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GRE Word List


border upon; adjoin

The meaning of the word abut is border upon; adjoin.

Random words

broodsit on in order to hatch; think deeply or worry anxiously; N: the young of certain animals; group of young birds hatched at one time
arcaneesoteric; secret; mysterious; known only to the initiated; Ex. arcane ritual; Ex. arcane process closed to the uninitiated listener
germanepertinent; bearing upon(having connection with) the case at hand; appropriate
coincidencethe chance occurrence, at the same time, of two or more seemingly connected events; V. coincide: happen at the same time; be in agreement; CF. coincident; CF. coincidental
supplanttake the place of unfairly; usurp; replace
avengetake vengence for something or on behalf of someone; Ex. They avenged his death by burning the village; Ex. He swore to avenge his brother; Ex. They avenged themselves on their enemy.
philateliststamp-collector; N. philately: stamp collecting
conversantfamiliar with; having knowledge of
perfunctorydone routinely and with little care; superficial; not thorough; lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm; Ex. perfunctory kiss
polarof a pole; characterized by opposite extremes; Ex. polar opposites