GRE Word List


deserter; traitor; ADJ.

The meaning of the word renegade is deserter; traitor; ADJ..

Random words

ambrosiafood of the gods
fictitiousimaginary; non-existent; purposely invented to deceive; untrue; Ex. fictitious name/boyfriend; CF. fictional
phenomenaobservable facts; subjects of scientific investigation; SG. phenomenon: observable fact; very unusual person, thing, or event; marvel; wonder; CF. phenomenons; ADJ. phenomenal: very unusual; extraordinary; of a phenomenon; Ex. phenomenal strength
wastrelwaster; profligate
protegeperson receiving protection and support from a patron
addendumaddition; appendix to book; something that is added (as at the end of a speech or book)
dilettanteaimless follower of an art or a field of knowledge (not taking it seriously); amateur; dabbler; CF. delight
blowhardtalkative boaster; braggart
preponderancesuperiority of power, quantity, etc.; V. preponderate: be greater in power, weight, or importance; ADJ. preponderant
finishsurface texture; completeness of execution