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GRE Word List


pen name; fictitious name assumed by an author; ADJ. pseudonymous

The meaning of the word pseudonym is pen name; fictitious name assumed by an author; ADJ. pseudonymous.

Random words

fledglinginexperienced; N: young bird that has acquired wing feathers and is learning to fly; inexperienced person
propoundput forth for consideration or analysis; set forth; Ex. propound a problem/theory
invocationprayer for help (used in invoking); calling upon as a reference or support; act of invoking
fritterwaste (time or money on unimportant things)
replenishfill up again
maculatedspotted; stained; CF. immaculate
gnarlprotruding knot on a tree; V.
burgeongrow rapidly; grow forth; send out buds; Ex. burgeoning computer industry; CF. bludgeon
licentiousamoral; lewd and lascivious; unrestrained
patoislocal or provincial dialect

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