GRE Word List


quarrel noisily; obtain through arguing; herd cattle; N.

Essential English Words with Meanin...
Essential English Words with Meaning and Sentences #1

The meaning of the word wrangle is quarrel noisily; obtain through arguing; herd cattle; N..

Random words

lamentgrieve; express sorrow; N. lamentation
insatiablenot easily satisfied; unquenchable; Ex. insatiable appetite
vertexsummit; highest point; PL. vertices
fancifulwhimsical; visionary; imaginary; produced by imagination; Ex. fanciful scheme
cronehag; ugly old woman
infringeviolate (a law); encroach (the right of another person)
menacethreat; V: threaten
pensivedreamily or deeply thoughtful; sadly thoughtful; thoughtful with a hint of sadness; contemplative; CF. think over
coercionuse of force to get someone to object; compelling; V. coerce
perversioncorruption; turning from right to wrong