GRE Word List


a perforated utensil for washing or draining food

The meaning of the word colander is a perforated utensil for washing or draining food.

Random words

heterodoxcontrary to or different from an acknowledged standard, a traditional form, or an established religion : unorthodox
abstemiousmarked by restraint especially in the eating of food or drinking of alcohol
untenablenot able to be defended
tacitexpressed or carried on without words or speech
slavishof or characteristic of someone held in forced servitude
hideto put out of sight : secrete
astronomicalof or relating to astronomy
latentpresent and capable of emerging or developing but not now visible, obvious, active, or symptomatic
simulateto give or assume the appearance or effect of often with the intent to deceive : imitate
scoffan expression of scorn, derision, or contempt : gibe