GRE Word List


suggesting sensual pleasure by fullness and beauty of form

The meaning of the word voluptuous is suggesting sensual pleasure by fullness and beauty of form.

Random words

miteany of numerous small acarid arachnids that often infest animals, plants, and stored foods and include important disease vectors
entomologya branch of zoology that deals with insects
discordlack of agreement or harmony (as between persons, things, or ideas)
carata unit of fineness for gold equal to ยน/โ‚‚โ‚„ part of pure gold in an alloy
run-downan item-by-item report or review : summary
antecedentsa substantive word, phrase, or clause whose denotation is referred to by a pronoun that typically follows the substantive (such as John in "Mary saw John and called to him")
asteroidany of the small rocky celestial bodies found especially between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
tempestuousof, relating to, or resembling a tempest : turbulent
massthe liturgy of the Eucharist (see eucharist