GRE Word List


poisonous snake

The meaning of the word viper is poisonous snake.

Random words

decryexpress strong disapproval of; condemn openly (something dangerous to the public); disparage; Ex. decry the violence of modern films
decrepitweak and in bad condition from old age or hard use; Ex. decrepit old chair/man
expurgateclean; remove offensive parts of a book
timbrequality of a musical tone produced by a musical instrument (which distinguishes it from others of the same pitch)
holsterleather pistol case (that hangs on a belt around the waist)
defacemar; disfigure
osseousmade of bone; bony
adjournsuspend until a later time; move from one place to another
fakenot genuine; N: one that is not genuine; impostor; sham; V: counterfeit; Ex. fake the results of the experiment/the signature