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GRE Word List


making a harsh noise; grating; harsh

The meaning of the word raspy is making a harsh noise; grating; harsh.

Random words

retinuefollowing; attendants
withholdrefuse to give; hold back; Ex. withholding tax
excoriatescold with biting harshness; censure strongly; strip the skin off
ulteriorintentionally hidden; beyond what is evident; situated beyond; unstated and often questionable; Ex. ulterior motive
transcribecopy; write a copy of; N. transcription
rabidof or suffering rabies; like a fanatic; extremely zealous; furious; CF. rabies: hydrophobia
imputeattribute; ascribe; charge; N. imputation
desolatemake desolate; forsake; abandon and desert
prudeexcessively modest or proper person (who is easily shocked by improper things, esp. of a sexual nature); N. prudery; ADJ. prudish: excessively concerned with propriety

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