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GRE Word List


change the appearance of (by marking with different colors)

The meaning of the word variegate is change the appearance of (by marking with different colors).

Random words

suppressput an end to forcibly; subdue; stifle; overwhelm; inhibit the expression of; check; prevent from being published or made public; Ex. suppress a smile; Ex. suppress the magazine/truth
searburn the surface of; char or burn; brand; parch; cause (a plant) to wither
unprecedentedhaving no previous example; novel; unparalleled
similecomparison of one thing with another, using the word like or as
ascriberefer; attribute; assign
recesspause; temporary cessation; alcove; secret inner place; Ex. parliament in recess; V. CF. recessive
tottershake or move unsteadily; sway as if about to fall
conglomeratecorporation made up of several different companies in diversified fields; mass of various material gathered together; rock consisting of small stones held together by clay; V.
sophistteacher of philosophy; quibbler; employer of fallacious reasoning; N. sophism: plausible but fallacious argument
pathostender sorrow; pity; quality in art or literature that produces these feelings; Ex. pathos that runs through the novel