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GRE Word List


curative; N. therapy

The meaning of the word therapeutic is curative; N. therapy.

Random words

smearspread or cover with a sticky substance; N: mark made by smearing
baitharass; tease; torment; Ex. badger baiting; N: food or other lure used to catch fish or trap animals
inimical(of someone) unfriendly; hostile; (of something) harmful; detrimental; CF. enemy
pigmentcoloring matter (usually powder to be mixed with water or oil)
spatesudden flood or rush; Ex. spate of accidents
obstinatestubborn; hard to control or treat; Ex. obstinate cough; N. obstinacy
queasyexperiencing nausea; nauseated; easily nauseated; squeamish; Ex. feel a little queasy
commonwealthnation governed by the people; republic; people of a nation
indulgenthumoring; yielding; lenient; showing indulgence