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GRE Word List


ghostly being that sucks the blood of the living

The meaning of the word vampire is ghostly being that sucks the blood of the living.

Random words

scada great quantity; Ex. scads of clothes
decreeauthoritative order; edict; judgment of a court of law; V: order or judge by decree
spectrumcolored band produced when a beam of light passes through a prism; broad and continuous range; Ex. whole spectrum of modern thoughts
predisposegive an inclination toward (in advance); make susceptible to; Ex. predispose people to certain cancer; N. predisposition
galleylow ship with sails (rowed along by slaves)
consensusgeneral agreement; opinion reached by a group
feinttrick; shift; sham blow; feigned attack to draw away defensive action; V.
glossbrief explanation note or translation of a difficult expression; V.
haplessunfortunate; luckless