GRE Word List


supporter; backer; opposite of opponent

The meaning of the word proponent is supporter; backer; opposite of opponent.

Random words

memorialsomething, such as a monument or holiday, intended to honor the memory of a person or event; ADJ: commemorative
gustatoryaffecting or relating to the sense of taste
representationalshowing things as they actually appear in real life
tenaciousholding fast (as to a belief); persistent
hubbubconfused uproar; loud noise; din
visageface; appearance
cannyshrewd in money matters; thrifty
fanaticismexcessive zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause; N. fanatic; ADJ. fanatic
testatormaker of a will; CF. testatrix
hermeticconcerning alchemy or magic; obscure and mysterious; occult