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GRE Word List


supporter; backer; opposite of opponent

The meaning of the word proponent is supporter; backer; opposite of opponent.

Random words

proletarianmember of the working class; blue collar guy; N. proletariat: working class (who have to work for wages)
controvertoppose with arguments; attempt to refute; contradict; ADJ. controversial; N. controversy
ragscrap of cloth; ADJ. ragged: old and torn; seeming unfinished and imperfect; Ex. ragged debut/performance
crossbad-tempered; showing ill-humor; angry
insubstantiallacking substance; insignificant; frail; immaterial
malaproposinappropriate; ADV.
reconnaissancesurvey of enemy by soldiers; reconnoitering; V. reconnoiter: make a preliminary inspection of (esp. to gather military information)
belaborharp on; dwell on tediously; explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally; beat severely; attack physically
woefulsad; (of something bad) deplorable; deplorably bad; Ex. woeful housing conditions
translucentpartly transparent