GRE Word List



The meaning of the word encircle is surround.

Random words

padrechaplain (in the armed forces)
fringedecorative edge of hanging threads; edge
contingentdependent on something uncertain or in the future; conditional; happening by chance; accidental; N: a group of soldiers, ships to a larger force; CF. contingency: future event that may or may not occur; possibility; Ex. prepare for every contingency
eventualhappening at last as a result; Ex. eventual victory
analogysimilarity; parallelism; comparing two similar things
suffragistadvocate of the extension of voting rights (for women); CF. suffrage
sequesterisolate; segregate; seclude; retire from public life
statutorycreated by statute or legislative action; regulated by statute; Ex. statutory age limit
aversereluctant; disinclined; not liking or opposed; Ex. averse to cats/doing the house work