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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word encircle is surround.

Random words

vitrioliccausing sharp pain to the mind; caustic; corrosive; sarcastic; of vitriol; N. vitriol: sulphuric acid (which burns flesh deeply); bitterly abusive expression; caustic expression; CF. glass
canardunfounded false rumor; exaggerated false report
impudenceimpertinence; insolence
swipehit with a sweeping motion; N.
impassioned(of speech) filled with passion; fervent
meticulousexcessively careful (with great attention to detail); painstaking; scrupulous
absolvepardon (an offense)
obligatorybinding; required; compulsory; V. oblige: constrain; make grateful; do a favor; accommodate
betrothbecome engaged to marry