GRE Word List


bearlike; pertaining to a bear

The meaning of the word ursine is bearlike; pertaining to a bear.

Random words

egoone's opinion of oneself; self-esteem
chiselswindle or cheat; N: wedgelike tool for cutting
galewindstorm; gust of wind; emotional outburst (laughters, tears); Ex. gale of laughter
poignancyquality of being deeply moving; keenness of emotion; ADJ. poignant: touching; deeply moving; (of sorrow, grief, etc.) painful; keenly distressing to the mind; Ex. poignant memory/anxiety; CF. prick
garishoverbright in color; unpleasantly bright; gaudy
peremptorydemanding and leaving no choice; imperative; Ex. peremptory decree/knock
odoriferousgiving off an odor
comelyattractive; agreeable; having a pleasing appearance
sarcasmcutting ironic remark; scornful remarks; stinging rebuke; ADJ. sarcastic