GRE Word List


unaccustomed; unusual; Ex. He arrived with unwonted punctuality.

The meaning of the word unwonted is unaccustomed; unusual; Ex. He arrived with unwonted punctuality..

Random words

peerone who has equal standing with another; nobleman; V: look intently; N. peerage; CF. peeress
intelligentsiaintellectuals; members of the educated elite (often used derogatorily)
infantilechildish; infantlike
saturninemorose; gloomy; Ex. Do not be misled by his saturnine countenance.
flourishgrow well; prosper; make sweeping gestures; wave; brandish; Ex. The trees flourished in the sun. N: showy movement or gesture; embellishment or ornamentation (esp. in handwriting)
artificedeception; trickery
warble(of a bird) sing; babble; N.
crescendoincrease in the volume or intensity as in a musical passage; climax; CF. crescent
flitfly; fly or move lightly or quickly; dart lightly; pass swiftly by; Ex. a bee flitting from flower to flower
paramountforemost in importance; supreme; CF. para-: beyond; above; Ex. paranormal