GRE Word List


a solemn oath

The meaning of the word adjuration is a solemn oath.

Random words

spinto draw out and twist fiber into yarn or thread
draughta rough written version of something that is not yet in its final form; to write the first rough version of something such as a letter, speech, book or law; to choose people and send them somewhere for a special task
harpinga plucked stringed instrument consisting of a resonator, an arched or angled neck that may be supported by a post, and strings of graded length that are perpendicular to the soundboard
vexto bring trouble, distress, or agitation to
implicateto bring into intimate or incriminating connection
jurisprudencethe science or philosophy of law
exhaleto rise or be given off as vapor
irrelevantnot relevant : inapplicable
fakenot true, real, or genuine : counterfeit
patrimonyan estate inherited from one's father or ancestor