GRE Word List


characterized by, based on, or done by fraud : deceitful

The meaning of the word fraudulent is characterized by, based on, or done by fraud : deceitful.

Random words

gerontocracyrule by elders
warpa series of yarns extended lengthwise in a loom and crossed by the weft
besmirchto cause harm or damage to the purity, luster, or beauty of (something) : sully
pillorya device formerly used for publicly punishing offenders consisting of a wooden frame with holes in which the head and hands can be locked
idiosyncrasya peculiarity of constitution or temperament : an individualizing characteristic or quality
unobtrusivenot obtrusive : not blatant, arresting, or aggressive : inconspicuous
interjectionan ejaculatory utterance usually lacking grammatical connection: such as
glamoran exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness
flagany of various monocotyledonous plants with long ensiform leaves: such as