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GRE Word List


defrock; strip a priest or minister of church authority

The meaning of the word unfrock is defrock; strip a priest or minister of church authority.

Random words

toutpromote or publicize (one's goods or service); praise excessively (as a form of advertisement); CF. advertise
sirenapparatus for making sounds; womanlike creature
wanedecrease in size or strength (after being full); grow gradually to an end; Ex. The moon waxes and wanes every month; N.
pacifysoothe; make calm or quiet; subdue; bring peace to
durationlength of time something lasts
imbrogliocomplicated situation (as in a play); painful or complex misunderstanding (as in a play); entanglement; confused mass (as of papers); V. embroil
tangentialonly slightly connected; not central; peripheral; digressing; showing divergence; CF. tangent
trajectorypath taken by a projectile; Ex. trajectory of a bullet
naivetequality of being unsophisticated; simplicity; artlessness; gullibility; ADJ. naive(na\"ive): ingenuous; lacking worldliness; simple; credulous
miscellanymixture of writings on various subjects; collection of various items