GRE Word List


suffering; ordeal; distress; trial

The meaning of the word tribulation is suffering; ordeal; distress; trial.

Random words

isotopevarying from of an element
litterwaste material thrown away (as bits of paper scattered untidily); V: cover untidily with scattered litter
uninhibitedunrepressed; free in behavior and feelings
palmconceal in the palm of the hand; palm off: pass off; Ex. palm off some bad oranges onto the lady/the painting as a real Renoir
idlenot working; not employed or busy; lazy; without purpose; useless; lacking substance; baseless; not based on truth; Ex. idle worker; Ex. talk idly; V.
insensibleunconscious; unresponsive; insensitive; unaware; imperceptible; Ex. insensible of his danger/to pain; Ex. insensible change; CF. not the opposite of sensible
bolstersupport; reinforce
domineerrule over tyrannically
scofflaugh (at); mock; ridicule; Ex. scoff at their threats
collateralsecurity given for loan; ADJ: secondary; descended from the same person but through different sons or daughters