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GRE Word List


suffering; ordeal; distress; trial

The meaning of the word tribulation is suffering; ordeal; distress; trial.

Random words

lacecord used to draw and tie together two opposite edges (as of a shoe); delicate fabric made of fine threads; V: draw together by tying a lace
catalystagent which brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged; CF. catalysis
parasiteanimal or plant living on another; toady; sycophant; CF. para-: beside
amnestypardon (allowed by government to political criminals)
stockadewooden enclosure or pen; fixed line of posts used as defensive barrier
maternalmotherly; N. maternity: motherhood
doomcondemnation to a severe penalty; ruin; fate (esp. a tragic or ruinous one); V.
judiciaryjudicial branch of government
oratoriodramatic poem set to music; long musical work with singing but without acting; CF. cantata
timorousfearful; timid; demonstrating fear