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GRE Word List


deep dish for serving soup

The meaning of the word tureen is deep dish for serving soup.

Random words

wilycrafty; cunning; artful; N. wile: deceitful stratagem
renegadedeserter; traitor; ADJ.
prologueintroduction (to a poem or play)
intrudeput or force in without being asked; trespass; enter as an uninvited person; Ex. intrude one's own opinion into the report; CF. thrust in
lodemetal-bearing vein(long deposit of an ore)
implacableincapable of being pacified; impossible to appease; Ex. implacable enemy
illuminatebrighten; clear up or make understandable; enlighten; enable to understand; Ex. illuminating remarks
wry(esp. of an expression of the face) twisted; with a humorous twist (expressing displeasure)
goadurge on; drive with a goad; cause (someone) to do something by continued annoyance; Ex. They goaded him into doing it by saying he was a coward; N: sharp-pointed stick for driving cattle; stimulus; CF. annoy continually