GRE Word List


a mixture of liquids (such as liquor or medicine)

The meaning of the word potion is a mixture of liquids (such as liquor or medicine).

Random words

yeomanan attendant or officer in a royal or noble household
bifurcateddivided into two branches or parts
importunatetroublesomely urgent : overly persistent in request or demand
cunningdexterous or crafty in the use of special resources (such as skill or knowledge) or in attaining an end
apothecaryone who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes
reimburseto pay back to someone : repay
malcontenta discontented person:
extortto obtain from a person by force, intimidation, or undue or illegal power : wring
codaa concluding musical section that is formally distinct from the main structure
appropriateespecially suitable or compatible : fitting