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GRE Word List


reverse the order or position of

The meaning of the word transpose is reverse the order or position of.

Random words

nepotismfavoritism (to a relative); CF. nephew
tightwadmiser; excessively frugal person
bewitchcast a spell over; captivate completely
archaicantiquated; no longer used; belonging to the past; N.
domicilehome; V. ADJ. domiciled: having one's domicile; Ex. He is domiciled in Britain.
mandatoryobligatory; compulsory; of a mandate
sinewy(of meat) tough; strong and firm; muscular; N. sinew: tendon; strong cord connecting a muscle to a bone
crevicecrack; fissure
veracious(of a person) truthful
illusivedeceiving; based on illusion; causing illusion; deceptive