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GRE Word List


going from one state of action to another

The meaning of the word transition is going from one state of action to another.

Random words

catharsispurging or cleansing of any passage of the body; purging and weakening of strong emotions as a result of experiencing a dramatic work of art
adjoinbe next to
negligenceneglect; failure to take reasonable care; ADJ. negligent: neglectful; lax; not taking enough care
coherestick together
volleysimultaneous discharge of a number of shots; V.
crevicecrack; fissure
reticentinclined to silence; uncommunicative; reserved; Ex. He was reticent about the reasons; N. reticence
reprehensibledeserving blame; blameworthy; V. reprehend: blame
analgesiacondition of being unable to feel pain
jabpoke abruptly with something sharp; punch with short blows