GRE Word List


climb by crawling with difficulties; scramble

The meaning of the word clamber is climb by crawling with difficulties; scramble.

Random words

unassailablenot open to attack; impregnable; not subject to question
masonone who builds or works with stone or brick; N. masonry: work of a mason; stonework or brickwork
humbleof low rank or position; modest; having a low opinion of oneself and a high opinion of others; unassuming; not proud; V. humiliate: make humble; cause to feel ashamed or to lose the respect of others
paupervery poor person
agoghighly excited; intensely curious
solemnityseriousness; gravity
kindredrelated; belonging to the same group; similar in nature or character; Ex. kindred languages; N: relative; kin; kinship
enjoincommand; order; forbid
subservientbehaving like a slave; servile; obsequious; subordinate; N. subservience
pliableflexible; easily influenced; yielding; adaptable