GRE Word List


copy; write a copy of; N. transcription

The meaning of the word transcribe is copy; write a copy of; N. transcription.

Random words

rare(of air) thin in density; rarefied; Ex. rare air of the mountains
redressremedy; compensation; Ex. seek redress for the damage to your car; V: put right; remedy or rectify (a wrong); make amends for
besmirchsoil; defile; make dirty
tumultcommotion of a great crowd; riot; noise; uproar; ADJ. tumultuous: noisy and disorderly
maraudmove in search of plunder; Ex. marauding army
calligraphybeautiful writing; excellent penmanship
chauvinistblindly devoted patriot; zealous adherent of a group, cause, or sex; ADJ. chauvinistic; CF. chauvinism; Nicolas Chauvin
litanysupplicatory prayer; prayer in which the priest calls out and the people replies in the same words
maceratesoften by soaking in liquid; waste away; Ex. macerate powdered wood to make paper