GRE Word List


be cautious (of)

The meaning of the word beware is be cautious (of).

Random words

warrantyguarantee; assurance by seller
expostulationprotest; remonstrance; reasoning with someone to correct or dissuade; V. expostulate
manumitemancipate; free from slavery or bondage
swelllong wave of water that moves continuously without breaking; V.
vitrioliccausing sharp pain to the mind; caustic; corrosive; sarcastic; of vitriol; N. vitriol: sulphuric acid (which burns flesh deeply); bitterly abusive expression; caustic expression; CF. glass
leave-takingfarewell or departure
invokecall and bring into use (a right or law); call on/upon (a higher power or god) for help; ask for; beg for; conjure (a spirit); Ex. invoke the veto power; Ex. invoke one's advisor/God
poseassume a particular posture; put forward; present; affect a particular attitude (to impress others); Ex. pose a threat; N.
abominateloathe; hate