GRE Word List


take off; OP. don

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The meaning of the word doff is take off; OP. don.

Random words

nebulousvague; hazy; cloudy; of a nebula; Ex. nebulous proposal
strutsupporting bar; CF. airplane wingΐΜ³ͺ building ΅ξΐ» support
nuptialrelated to marriage or the wedding ceremony; N. nuptials: wedding ceremony
appropriateacquire; take possession of for one's own use without permission; set aside for a particular purpose; allocate; CF. misappropriate
haltinghesitant; faltering; not fluent; Ex. halting steps/voice; V. halt: proceed or act with uncertainty; falter; hesitate; waver; stop
balmsomething that relieves pain; oily liquid with a pleasant smell from trees
genteelwell-bred; elegant; striving to convey an appearance of refinement; Ex. genteel poverty
pandemicwidespread; affecting the majority of people; N: pandemic disease; CF. all people
coagulatecongeal; thicken; clot; N. coagulant
nurturenourish; feed; educate; rear; care for while it is growing or developing; foster; cultivate; N: something that nourishes; rearing