GRE Word List


a conscripted person (such as a military recruit)

The meaning of the word conscript is a conscripted person (such as a military recruit).

Random words

reprisala retaliatory act
misogynista person who hates or discriminates against women : a misogynistic person
sophomoricconceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature
febrilemarked or caused by fever : feverish
energizeto make energetic, vigorous, or active
carnalrelating to or given to crude bodily pleasures and appetites
enticeto attract artfully or adroitly or by arousing hope or desire : tempt
bestowto put to use : apply
tiradea protracted speech usually marked by intemperate, vituperative, or harshly censorious language
imponderablenot ponderable : incapable of being weighed or evaluated with exactness