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GRE Word List


make or become dull or discolored; N.

The meaning of the word tarnish is make or become dull or discolored; N..

Random words

librettotext of an opera or oratorio; CF. book
disgorgesurrender something (stolen); eject; vomit; OP. gorge
beelinedirect quick route
captiontitle; chapter heading; text under illustration
emulateimitate; rival; try to equal or excel (through imitation)
kudoshonor; glory; acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement
grosstotal; fragrant; clearly wrong; (of people's behavior) coarse; corpulent; Ex. gross insolence/behavior; V: earn as a total amount; N: 12 dozens
horoscopediagram of the positions of stars at a given moment (eg. of a person's birth) used by astrologers
rectitudemoral correctness; moral uprightness; moral virtue; correctness of judgment
eclipsedarken; extinguish; outshine; surpass; cause an eclipse