GRE Word List


of, relating to, or resembling a colossus

The meaning of the word colossal is of, relating to, or resembling a colossus.

Random words

jabto pierce or prod (someone or something) with or as if with a pointed object
regenta person who governs a kingdom in the minority, absence, or disability of the sovereign
fringean ornamental border consisting of short straight or twisted threads or strips hanging from cut or raveled edges or from a separate band
latitudeangular distance from some specified circle or plane of reference: such as
lamentto mourn aloud : wail
askewout of line : at an angle
wrinklea small ridge or furrow especially when formed on a surface by the shrinking or contraction of a smooth substance : crease
exorciseto expel (an evil spirit) by adjuration
remoteseparated by an interval or space greater than usual