GRE Word List


take the place of unfairly; usurp; replace

The meaning of the word supplant is take the place of unfairly; usurp; replace.

Random words

categoricalwithout exceptions; made without any doubt in mind; unqualified; absolute
baubletrinket; cheap jewel; trifle
sedentaryrequiring sitting; done while sitting; not moving from one place to another; settled; Ex. sedentary job/population
maraudmove in search of plunder; Ex. marauding army
incipientbeginning; in an early stage
artlesswithout guile; open and honest
problematiccausing a problem; open to doubt; doubtful; unsettled; questionable; Ex. Whether the arena will ever be completed is problematic.
tactfulcareful no to cause offence; OP. tactless
manneredaffected; not natural; Ex. mannered way of speech
excisecut away; cut out; N: government tax on good produced and used inside a country; N. excision