GRE Word List


grand suggesting great expense; lavish; rich; Ex. sumptuous feast

The meaning of the word sumptuous is grand suggesting great expense; lavish; rich; Ex. sumptuous feast.

Random words

corpulentvery fat; N. corpulence
cavilquibble; make frivolous objections; find fault unnecessarily
anemiacondition in which blood lacks red corpuscles; ADJ. anemic
consequentialself-important; significant; consequent; following as a result; Ex. consequential air; CF. subsequent
satireform of literature in which irony, sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack human vice and folly
effectualable to produce a desired effect; valid
wincemove back suddenly; shrink back; flinch; Ex. She winced as she touched the cold body.
lullmoment of calm; period of reduced activity; Ex. a lull in the rain; V: cause to become less active; cause to sleep or rest; Ex. lull the opponents into a false sense of security; CF. lullaby
quislingtraitor who aids invaders; CF. Vidkun Quisling